Barber – Adagio for Strings

Remote conducting and performance of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings in memory of George Floyd by UCLA students and faculty.

Conducting and video production
Euan Shields

Professor Ji Young An
Rebecca Bernstein
Nivram Castro
Lavinia Chen
Hannah Cho
Arielle Claire
Christian Gonzalez
Elvin Hsieh
Alisa Khodos
Alan Lee
Jelena Lee
Professor Varty Manouelian
Sara Nemiro
Kayla Phan
Professor Movses Pogossian
Arya Shapouri
Luna Suzuki
Alice Townsend
Tiffany Wee
Ethan Yu

Esther Chae
Professor Che-Yen Chen
Jennifer Cheng
Lorenna Garcia
Wendy Liu
Sam Lorenzini
Leo Santi
Lu Walstad

Jaewon Ahn
Chris Cho
Haley Hedegard
Calvin Kung
Michelle Mao
Professor Antonio Lysy
Becky Yang
Caleb Yang
Jocelyn Yeh

Moses Aubrey
Joel Bickel
Professor Christopher Hanulik
Nicholas Hernandez

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