Evgeny Svetlanov Conducting Competition Finalist

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I’m full of excitement and gratitude after finishing my participation in the Evgeny Svetlanov International Conducting Competition.

I’m also happy and humbled to have advanced to the final round and received an honorary diploma. Most importantly I had the privilege to share the stage with so many unbelievably skillful, experienced, and professional conductors and musicians who love what they do. I learned so much about conducting and about myself, as I worked to communicate musical ideas in such a focused and intense environment.

Thank you so much to the wonderful Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo, the members of the jury, competition organizers, and everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the magical musical moments come to life.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported me in my musical journey so far — my friends, mentors, and family members, who have inspired me and believed in me. I will keep working hard, and look forward to sharing more music with you!

> Link to the second round video
> Link to the final round video

I made it to the final round!
Four finalists: Myself, Henri, Jasko, and Ilya
After the final round
View from above Monte Carlo

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